Sunday, May 23, 2010

Dumber in the Summer?!?

So... I really intend on updating this blog more than I actually do, but life is busy! And reading to my kids is more important right. Anyway, since I don't post often you should know that EVERY post is important! :)

Anyway... my kids get out of school on Thursday. The little ones are looking forward to having the big ones home and so am I (most of the time anyway). I am PREPARED... we have their Summer Bridge workbooks to help them retain the math skills they picked up this summer. And we have LOTS of books. We will be getting more too! Each year at this time I let my kids each choose a couple of books that I purchase for them to give them something to look forward to reading.

Last summer, I had the amazing opportunity of listening to reading expert Jim Trelease speak. One of the things he emphasized was the importance of summer reading. Children who do not read during the summer actually REGRESS and lose a significant amount of knowledge they gained during the school year. Sad! This little bit of "loss" accumulates and by the time they are in Fourth Grade they are quite a bit behind their peers.

I know, as parents, it is tempting to think that the kids need a break, it is hard to make daily reading a priority when there is no one to be accountable to (like a teacher), and summers can be so busy!! BUT... reading daily is the most important thing you can do this SUMMER!

In future posts, I plan on sharing some ideas for getting kids involved in reading during the summer. That is the plan anyway! :)

p.s. Jim Trelease has an amazing brochure on reading. I plan on passing them out at my Usborne Books booth this weekend.
Here is a link:

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