Monday, July 20, 2009

Let's Party!!

I spent the last week in Oklahoma celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Usborne Books and More at our National Convention. It was amazing!! Some of the highlights (in no particular order):

1. Being whisked away from the airport in a limo. Here are me, Bobbi, and up-up-upline supervisor Deb Casey in the limo.2. Enjoying a delicious steak dinner and a live, outdoor presentation of one of my all-time favorite musicals Oklahoma! as a reward for making the President's Club.

3. JIM TRELEASE!!! Have you read the Read Aloud Handbook? It is amazing and will make you a better parent. He signed my copy.

4. Not having to think about, prepare, or clean up meals and having my bed made everyday.

5. The Hawaii Celebration luncheon, team parties, late night "Name Game" sessions, and being with my wonderful friends (some that I only see 1-2 times each year).6. Flying First Class from Atlanta to Salt Lake. Let's just say... I could get used to that! I did pretty much deserve it after Delta kept ruining my day and I spent 12 hours in airports due to their incompetence. They screwed up my flight from Rome too. Let's just say we aren't impressed with Delta at our house. First Class though... was great!

7. It is always fun to be recognized for your efforts. The awards I received were: Supervisor of the Year Honorable Mention, #3 Central Group Recruiting, #4 Group Promotions, #4 Personal Recruiting, #11 Central Group Sales, and #15 Home Show Sales.

8. Coming home to my family. The kids had cleaned up the house (in their way) and Katie had laid out my pjs and the stuff in the picture below. What great kids!! Now back to reality...

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